CBC 5th Building public opening in September 2015

August 18th, 2015 by

ROMANIA, TIMISOARA, 23rd September 2015
The fifth building is now part of a complete assembly.

The last building, aligned and connected through the main naturally illuiminated lobby to the former one, belongs to a whole assembly of 3 volumes presenting mainly the same layout of spaces and architectural language. The 5th building resembles the 4th and mirrors the 3rd. An unprecedented detail, visible in the lobby, consists in a complex system treated differently from the other extensions, responsible of gathering and recycling the rain water and guiding it upwards through the atrium ( the 3rd and 4th edifices comprise usual systems which sustain a normal downwards waterflow), while an underground parking lot brings solutions for overcrowding issues, efficiently using automated and stacked parking systems.

The fifth building is the last piece of the assembly displayed on a 1,4828 ha plot divided by 2.200 sq.m. for each construction. It disposes 9.500 m2 rentable area and it is developed on a five story scenery as well as a sixth retracted level designed for A class business, but in addition the project stands for local start-ups also. As being situated in the core of the city, the whole assembly creates a node of activity, that increases considerably the level of performance in the business field and moreover pumps up the employment rate.

The Office, Cluj-Napoca – Second stage almost finished

August 18th, 2015 by

The second stage of The Office project is close to completion.

In december 2015 the second building of The Office bussiness complex will be finished, thus completing the 2nd stage of the construction process. The project is divided in 3 stages (corresponding to its 3 main buildings) that started in 2014 and will continue with its 3rd stage in 2016. The first building offerd 19.000 m2 of rental space out of which 90% is already occupied and by the end of the project, the entire area of 54.000 m2 will accommodate any need in what will be the new region’s bussiness hub.

The Office buildings come with an open space layout that ensures maximum flexibility for an easy configuration of any workspace. Glass shaders, green terraces, natural materials and an intelligent building management are some of the features incorporated in the building that respond to today’s green design requirements and it is also designed for the BREEAM Gold certificate.