Lakefront landscaping and pier – Văliug lake

Lakefront landscaping and pier – Văliug lake

The lake Văliug is situated in the center of a very popular alpine area at the foot of the Semenic mountain; the resorts surrounding the lake are open both in summertime for water sports and in winter for skiing. A new hotel complex is to be built at the vantage point between the dam and the 180-degree curve of the beautiful alpine road deserving the lake, incorporating also the decades-old pier built by the Reşiţa Industries. A carefully tuned landscaping operation was carried out, transforming the wooden and rocky lakeshore, the old pier, and a spectacular promontory into the most attractive public space of the lake area. The basic principles governing the intervention were: fragmentation, dispersion, insertion, use of local materials – stone and wood as well as visual control and coordination. Sinuous stairs and pathways were carved into the rocky shoreline, and open wood pavilions were inserted amid stones and trees. The old pier was restored, and the deck refurbished; an elegant wood pavilion with large operating openings was created for the deck bar. At the water level, the floating pontoons keep the pier in constant connection with the ever-changing water level. On the abrupt promontory adjoining the pier area, a flying observation deck was created, using wood planks over a steel cantilever. The deck offers the sensation of floating over the lake and magnificent views of the shore and water surface.


Architect: Ioan Andreescu

Colaborator: Dan M. Munteanu, Brandusa Havasi

Location: Valiug, Romania

Client: Crivaia Agrotour s.r.l.

Structural engineering: Ovidiu Badescu

Design period: 2006

Building period: 2006

Total built area: 1650 sqm

Photography: Ovidiu Micșa